Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 35 - need help?

It was that damp cold - snowing great, huge flakes that landed and melted after a pretty, swirling descent.   i know spring is coming... and this vigil is days away from it's close. 
It seems that there are others there praying almost every time i go now. The organizers who live close by have commented that this seems to be the most successful campaign so far, a more consistent presence - and so many new faces.  This day, there's a mother praying with her daughter, one of my faithful 'vigil' friends is there too - her years don't keep her away, and i'm sure she must go every day - hour after hour - praying, encouraging other believers and being a visible presence for those who feel forsaken by the world on this day they've been brought to face the choice of life or death.  My friend and i grab signs - and take our little space on the edge of that busy little sidewalk. 
i'm encouraged by the growing numbers... by the ladies who 'made a day of it' and traveled 2.5 hours either way, praying in the cold for a full 5 hours, the mama who came to pray when she made the long trek to Calgary for her midwife appointment, the people who drive from the outskirts of our city, through traffic, making time in their schedules for this... because praying for an end to abortion?  It's important to us. 

Father God, be with us as we finish up these last days of this vigil - build strong families in Calgary and gently open the eyes of our city to the painful truth of abortion.  amen.

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