Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 33 - softening, learning, growing

i find that the more i learn about prolife, the more i want to learn.  i subscribe to prolife publications and read and try to understand all the many difficulties that we're faced as we fight for this unpopular Truth in this moment of time, in this social climate. 
Maybe there are people reading today who see 40 Days for Life as their first cautious step into prolife (& what a beautiful place to do battle - on our knees in prayer for all of us affected by the killing of innocents)... & maybe there are people reading who want to learn more, to get better informed and grow as believers and prolifers. 
i'm sharing some links i've come across - feel free to share your favourite prolife links in the comments section & tell us what you're learning. 

Bonhoeffer on Abortion - a recent post on John Piper's site. 
LifeSite News - while not all their articles are about abortion, they'll definitely keep you informed of current events happening world wide in regards to prolife. 
Live Action - a youth led movement that sees abortion as the greatest human rights injustice of our time.
Survivors of Abortion - giving a voice to the voiceless - abortion from a perspective that is not often heard... the children that survived. 
Alberta Prolife - This is a great resource for those of us who live in Alberta to keep current on what is happening in our province.  ("Like" their facebook page too!)
Canadian Center for Bio-ethical Reform - (warning, this site has graphic images) - a group of activists whose goal is to make abortion unthinkable.  (i have been loving their 'beINSPIRED' series...)
Stephen Woodworth's motion for the Canadian government to discuss the humanity of the unborn in parliament could be a huge step for our country (see short 40 second video HERE)  - & visit the supporting site,
Defund Abortion in Alberta - another important step we need to take...

There are so many places to start - & i just want to invite you to let this 40 day campaign lead you deeper, farther, stronger - into the fight to end the killing in our country.

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  1. i should add this (rather long) article written by prochoice femenist naomi wolf. It's titled _our bodies, our souls, rethinking pro-choice rhetoric_ Even though it's from the other side, i think she grasps some important truths - (while missing others...) Totally worth the read: