Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 24 - Life... is a gift

It's funny how going to that abortion clinic where so many little lives are lost every day grows my heart. 
We didn't dress warmly enough, my friend and i, anticipating more of spring, less of winter's chill.  No matter - our conversation warmed us as we talked about how each life cannot be weighed or measured by any worldly standard.  The teenager who lives in poverty and neglect has value, as do the little ones who God gives only a few months or years to leave their mark on this world of ours.  Their value is not weighed in ability or in health or societal position - it was given to them by the Creator of the universe on the day they were conceived.  A unique individual came into being - with DNA that is different from either parent.  A little *person* - not a piece of a mother's body, but a unique little body with a life & value of it's own.  Human beings - in their fallenness and frailty don't have the right or the ability to decide when life must end... even their own life.  There is a beauty in the knowledge that there is only One who ultimately breathes life... and only One who should orchestrate it's end. 
It's amazing how going to an abortion clinic brings clarity.

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