Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 20 - you're not alone

i was sitting at my computer - wanting desperately to encourage those of you who are so faithfully filling the time slots at our Calgary vigil at the Kensington abortion clinic.  i also wanted to gently encourage those of you who read - and who might still be unsure about what we're doing... and also those who might be unable to vigil, but are joining us in prayer for an end to abortion from home. 
There are so many 'causes' - so many issues calling for our attention, our prayers, our tears... & suddenly - i felt a little alone in my compassion for the little ones, pre-born.
So, i went and read the Terrace 40 Days for Life blog... and it was so encouraging, so beautiful to imagine that a province away - there are others who care, and who are being called to speak up, to be a voice and to stand and vigil where little lives are being taken. 
We're not alone. 
Not all of us are awake yet, but if we continue to pray and speak out, more will join us.  Some of us are battling different fronts of this war, there are those that agree with us, and are united in prayer and are acting on behalf of the oppressed in other ways and places.  Then there are some of us who are only just awakening to the injustice, and are wrestling through the issues trying to hear and understand that 'still small voice'. 
i'm so grateful for others - who so courageously speak out about an unpopular issue - and who remind me i'm not alone.   

ps - Do you have a story to share on the Calgary 40 Days for Life blog?  Your words could be just the encouraging reminder that another prolifer needs to press on... Use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the blog to submit your story.

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  1. Thanks for linking to me :)I get a lot of encouragement from reading your blog - so we are all in this together!