Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 15 - snow day

It was one of those mornings.  Our front door was broken, my husband was out of town for the day, my house was a wreck and those precious morning hours had somehow slipped away on me. 
My friend came by to accompany me to the clinic and as i ran back once, twice, three times... for my wallet, my phone, and finally for my baby blue paper sign, i had to laugh.  i felt unable, but sure... and so i gently eased my van out of our garage and with pleasant company carefully picked my way down that familiar route to the abortion clinic on 5th Ave. 
As we pulled around the corner, we saw sweet Vera wading through the snowy sidewalks as she continues day after day to be an unrelenting presence on this Calgary street.  My heart leaped at the sight of her faithfulness, and i was touched by her willingness to be used of God - in whatever capacity He brings to her.  We parked, and borrowed the new sign from the organizers that gently offers the suggestion of adoption for my friend (who is adopted) to carry.  We shovelled the length of the sidewalk - for others that would come after us, and we stood in the damp of the fresh falling snow to challenge the present accepted evil.  Yes... it's legal, it's accepted, it's tax funded, it's happening Monday to Friday at this bustling business that is the abortion clinic... but with what little bit i have to offer... my presence and my $2 sign, i'm here to say that it's not ok.  It's heartbreak and misery... it's death and destruction... it's killing the innocent, and i'm here to gently speak the truth that there is an alternative
We saw a girl with tiny belly protruding, walk in those doors - and our hearts broke to see a couple walk out those doors in obvious sorrow.  We saw a momma with her shell-shocked daughter.  It's those images that stick out in my mind... they're the ones that come back to me as i walk in the door to my house and gather my little chickies in my arms.  They're the images that leap to my mind now as i type and as i continue to bring these ones loved by the Father in prayer to Him.
Oh Calgary families... God loves you so.  Your life is infinitely valuable - and so is the wee life you're carrying. 
He is able.