Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 22 - Thoughts on 40 Days for Life Calgary

by liisa

My friend and I went to pray outside of the Kensington clinic together twice last week.We are both fairly new at this.  We did the life chain together in the fall and then realized it was not as scary as we thought to publicly proclaim our Pro-Life status and it is good to know that we can do something.  It was also really nice to have a few other people there on Thursday! For a while we were relegated to the field while a group of four ladies finished their vigil on the street.  And after we took our place on the street there were a few ladies praying up and down the sidewalk. We got quite a few thumbs up and honks of support, even though we had our signs ("God gave you a choice - Choose Life" and "Abortion Hurts Women").  We've found that people are much more vocal when we have our signs.   But there was one person who yelled out their car window: “How many foster kids are there out there?” My friend and I were wondering how that correlated (clearly the people whose children are in foster care did not consider abortion, or chose not to abort, so what does that have to do with anything?  Or were they saying that foster children should not have the right to life?  I am sure the people who are or have been in foster care would be extremely insulted by that comment). 

But, on Tuesday, there was a car with a couple in it which turned into the clinic parking lot then backed out immediately.We cannot say for sure whether they were going to go there for an abortion or not (we did not talk to them), but it could have been a life saved ...


  1. Re - Foster Care Comment. I think the people in the vehicle were saying there are many many children in foster care, "burdening society" and that if there were no abortions that number of children in care would sky rocket. Just my hunch...

  2. I think the foster care comment meant that these poor kids don't have forever homes, so what are you going to do with the babies you 'save'. not necessarily as a burdening society way, but just a 'who will look after them' when there are all these other kids who don't have anything more than temporary homes. :( Its sad from both sides, because there is some truth in that. Our gov't makes adoption difficult, so to say all the children saved from abortion would just be adopted isn't really true :( (i wish it were!)
    But hey, i wasn't there, so that's just my guess ;)

  3. When the alternative is death - it becomes apparent that it would be pure arrogance to assume that because a child might end up in foster care that they would be better off dead... It's a great discussion to have i think... (because i have had people yell at me about foster care when i have been standing on the street corner by the Kensington clinic too).
    There are a lot of heartbreaking circumstances that people are living in (both outside of Canada, and inside of it too)... but our reflex to eliminate the sufferer rather than taking on the enormous task of eliminating the *suffering* - is unacceptable.

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  5. I totally agree paige, and last anon comment was mine, but I was just thinking what that other person would have thought. Its easier for us who have faith in God, and know abortion is wrong, but I know its a HUGE struggle for those who do not, and I can totally see where they are coming from (not agreeing with them, just understanding).

  6. Yes, it's easy to understand where they're coming from, but I really believe those ideas need to be challenged.