Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 21 - my ministry

by gail

The first Saturday afternoon I had no idea what I was in for.  I knew where I was to stand, and what I was to do but I had no idea how I’d feel.  I checked the weather and shuddered.  I bundled up for the weather, although I wore light gloves that would enable me to turn the pages of the book of verses I was going to softly read from to help me stay focused.  Two things that I didn’t realize until I took my stand were due to the nearby playground, vehicles would be going past at 30 Km/h and due to the traffic light, there would be vehicles stopped for brief time spans.  I got a few looks but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable.

Two weeks later I had a better idea what I was in for.  The weather was also much nicer, and I was able to wear light outdoor clothing. Again I brought my book of verses, which would help guide my prayers.  This time the traffic was heavier, and there was foot traffic.  I almost felt like a homeless person, as most people did their best not to make eye contact.  Thankfully the few that did gave me a smile of encouragement.

Saturday evening at church we were to raise our hands if we were ministers.  I put my hand down.  You see my ministry isn’t the kind of thing you want to form a small group around.  It’s not a nice one by Mainstream Society’s standards and even some Christians don’t want to think about it.  My ministry is to teach that abstinence and adoption are choices.  One crime committed against a female could be a couple’s blessing.  There are false positives for disabilities and God never gives you more then you can handle.  A woman’s body knows what to do and should have the freedom to do it.

I first said adoption should be a choice in 1979, when I was eleven years old.  Thirty-three years later, I’ve become like an industrious beaver.  I go about doing what I am guided to do, persevering until the tree falls, and going on to the next tree.  The lodge I am creating is one of safety, of respect, of creating a safe place that does not leave one feeling guilty or ashamed of their choice but guiltless and comforted.  That’s why I’ll keep coming back until the 40 Days for Life is done.

Gail Cary

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