Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 30 - Save the date!

The little organizational committee for 40 Days for life is an eclectic ecumenical group of individuals.  We have quick meetings, share ideas, problem solve, plan and pray together. We're not overly special or gifted... we're not crazy brilliant or powerfully persuasive. 
But we're fairly consistent. 
This little group has just a tiny bit of boldness - swaddled in heaping mounds of love...
We have truth on our side, & a quiet confidence borne of the knowledge of that truth. 
This group of individuals that is small in number - has been an enormous source of encouragement for me over the past year.  i'm so grateful to God for introducing me to others who are passionate about seeing an end to abortion, talking about & grieving for the little lives lost & the mamas (who we love too) - that were left without hope, believing that they didn't have a better choice. 
So, to celebrate what the organizers (who live in eyesight of the Kensington clinic) are saying has been our most successful campaign so far - we want to invite you to a little victory party. 
We're hoping to have a couple of speakers - hopefully a little bit of prolife apologetics and a lot of encouragement from gathering together with other believers to discuss the fruit of our campaign.  It's chill - at a house - bring a snack to share, or don't.  We'd love to meet you!
Date: Saturday, March 31st
Time: 4-5pm
Information: Contact Dave - his email is dave.odland (at)


  1. Wow. Hard to believe you're at day 30 already! On the home stretch but much could transpire in the final 10 days of this vigil. Keep on, keeping on -- in your worthwhile campaign!

    Paige's Cousin in Saskatchewan (too far to come join you all on the corner).

  2. Here's a great idea. If you're willing to give up an hour to attend the party, why not sign up for that time slot instead?

  3. Alberta Rose _ yes, sign up for an hour time slot too, but *do* feel free and welcome to come to the party. It is a part of the three pronged effort of 40 Days for Life... One part is prayer and fasting, another is attending the vigil, and the third is community outreach. This little party serves to encourage our growing prolife community, to better understand each other and what we're up against and to learn from each other. It's a great opportunity! :)

  4. I will be with you in spirit - and I am sure Alissa's mom and dad will be too!