Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 10 - eyes to see

People are hard. 
Sometimes i think that prolifers - Christians - are misunderstood before they've had a chance to say one word.  There are so many judgements and assumptions about our position that make a fair dialogue a rare thing. 

We're standing at the clinic... and i find myself praying for the woman who is director of the Kensington Clinic.  She's a vocal supporter of Canada's prochoice movement - and has little understanding for the heart of the prolifer. 
My heart swells and aches for her. 
i pray for her in the cold - my limbs almost numb and the cold biting through my fingers holding the sign reading, 'each fragile life is a gift'. 

Oh Father - could you help her to see Your heart - and by extension to know that there is no hatred here? 

The building is full of one way windows - and i know that they're equipped with cameras - and that there is a good chance that she sees us.  She knows that we're here. 

Oh, Father - if for just one moment those who march under the banner of choice could see what they're choosing.  Oh God - let us understand your love - it's Your love that makes each life precious, and human life worthy of our nurturing protection. 

And in a moment - in a breath and a sigh... i lift to my Father all those who work in that clinic across the street.  i pray for the janitor, for the receptionists.  i pray for the doctors and nurses and "counsellors".  i pray for their suppliers and those who make financial gain through this business.  i pray for understanding, for repentance and healing...
Beyond the debate - these are the ones actively involved in the abortion industry... How hard it would be to acknowledge truth after being complicit in the killing of so many?  Abby Johnson's story gives me hope that those who seem tied by their previous actions will never be too far gone to ever be able to come to see the truth.
Every day, 40 Days for Life sees more abortion workers leaving their jobs and switching sides (the 40 Days for Life website puts the current total at 61 brave individuals).  It's never too late. 
& so i pray. 
& He hears.


  1. I am in the USA. We can stand right there in front of the clinic. I am going to pray for the first time next week....I saw videos they posted of people and why they pray.I could see in the background women who were leaving. Just a mere feet away. Alone..and equipped with pamphlets. I wanted to reach through the screen and grab her and hug her. Tell her we are waiting to adopt our fourth and may she just be that birthmom. Waiting to get matched with a birthmom and going for the first time is not exactly great timing..oh and not TMI or anything but it will also be that time of month...

    I need to pray for strength that i don't turn into a blubbering mess or worse. God has laid this on my heart.... There i a "For Sale" sign..I am praying to God they are shutting down. The economy is very bad where we live.....I do hope they close...I do pray that these women will then not resort to foolish measures, but have more time to think if they have to travel further...


  2. I registered at the Kelowna site and went to find a time slot to go....but I guess they aren't having the spring vigil? :(
    Doesn't mean I can't pray tho...

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  4. I deleted my own comment to put it a different way. I am praying for you all as you stand vigil over these precious lives. I pray that all the lives involved in the whole process will be changed and that the light of Christ will shine through your peaceful vigil. Blessings.