Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 9 - prayer

When Caroline (if you don't know Caroline, you'll meet her soon if you continue to read this blog) arrived as she does so frequently - to pace that sidewalk and to pray for all those impacted by the injustice of abortion, i was still shaken and saddened by the couple that had just left. 
i told her what i had seen - and she told me she has seen such sadness too...
"And even when we don't see it, we feel it for them because we know what has taken place." She said compassionately.
i told her how i have often been faced with this feeling of powerlessness - of wanting to do more than to "just pray", but that i'm finally learning that prayer isn't the token offering i have often thought it to be in the past.  i'm finding that prayer is the single most powerful and useful - impactful -  thing that we have as believers to give. 
"It's true," she agreed.  "Coming here to pray - being a presence -  that adds to the impact of prayer - but the prayer itself is truly the best thing that we can contribute to this battle..."
So if you find yourself reading here today... would you breathe a prayer?  Right where you are, in your house, in your office, in the coffee shop. 
There is no better place - and no better time - and undoubtedly there is no better gift.

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