Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 28 - A Story and A First Vigil

Did you know that we are giving away a prize when our facebook page reaches 200 'likes'?  Come check it out HERE & 'like' the page to be entered to win. 
i also wanted to clarify an error that is on the local Calgary 40 Days for Life website.  On the code of conduct page HERE, it states that, "Only 4 persons ages 7 and above on the sidewalk across from clinic by the park." 
This is wrong - i have spoken to the organizers who have the long form of the bubble zone bylaw - it should read (& will be corrected shortly to read), "Only 4 persons of any age on the sidewalk across from clinic by the park." 
Thanks so much to D for pointing that out to me!  If there are any questions like this that are keeping you from getting involved, speak up!  :) 
Thank you to all who have been sharing their personal stories, sharing the links with friends & praying with us - either on the sidewalk or at your local vigil or at home too.  i personally have been so encouraged by the positive response. 
Prayer is always good. 
One more sidenote for Calgarians: Is anyone else planning on attending Life2011? (Information available HERE).   i'll be there for Friday all day & the banquet in the evening & 40 Days for Life will have a booth for the whole weekend.  Come stop by & say 'hello'! 


A Story

by liz

Nearly six years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, and abandoned by the father, I worked in a gas station to support myself. In that gas station were also two restaurants, and at one of the restaurants worked two young girls, age 16. I got to know them a bit, and one day, one of them confided in me that she might be pregnant. I asked her what she would do if she was. She immediately responded with "I would have an abortion, because my parents would kill me!" I refrained from judging her, and instead asked her if she knew what exactly an abortion was, and what was involved in it. She said no. She and her friend listened intently as I described to them (having done my research on the subject long ago) exactly what happens during an abortion, from the baby's perspective. By the time I finished, both girls' faces were stark white and they looked like they would throw up. They were both immediately adamant that they would never have an abortion. I offered to help the young girl who thought she might be pregnant in any way I could if it turned out that she was in fact pregnant, but fortunately, it was a false alarm. I haven't seen her in many years now, but I hope she took more than one lesson with her from that experience. It just made me realize how ill-informed many people are about abortion. Those girls may have been young, but obviously not too young to need that information.


A First Vigil

by nikki

40 days for Life.
I love life.
I was born out of wedlock.
My mom chose life.
I was intrigued by the vigil.
I tried to ignore it.
I couldn't.
a constant heaviness on my heart.
the Lord, begging me...
'let me show you...'
I filled my days and tried to block it.
I finally surrendered.
I pleaded with the Lord to hold the pieces of my heart together.
He was gracious.
it wasn't business as usual the day I went to pray.
I think the Lord knew I wasn't quite ready to watch the door open and close,
to see the hurting women.
I prayed;
for the staff...that His spirit would begin to stir within them,
that the government would take a stand,
that I would be more assertive in expressing what I believe,
that our churches would speak more on the subject,
that the women that had visited the clinic would seek help,
that as Christians we would offer help and love without judgement,
that 'prolife' would mean so much more than just 'anti-abortion',
that I would have the courage to allow the Lord to continue to break my heart.
40 days for Life.

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