Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 29 - what is love

by fawne

While being involved with 40 Days For Life I keep hearing comments about it (the vigil at the abortion clinic) not being loving. The signs aren't loving enough....the message isn't loving. Won't the woman going in feel condemned? Won't they judge all Christians (because of us) as harsh and uncaring?

It makes me wonder what our definition of love is??

In our house we have two stairways. Now that Miracle can crawl we have to be more diligent to watch those stairways. Skylar, who is very protective, is always very aware of where Miracle is. He will tell me anytime Miracle is getting close to the stairway and he'll stand and block the entrance so she can't fall down.
One day, when she first started crawling, she was getting closer and closer to the stairs and I was watching her. Skylar was upstairs and when he came into the room and saw her, he panicked. He dove for pull her away from the stairway. In his "rescue attempt" he hurt her. He didn't mean to and of course I couldn't "get after him" because he was just trying to save his baby sister.

Isn't taking a stand against abortion much the same. Maybe the sign I carry will hurt those women who enter the clinic. Maybe the truth will pierce their heart.....maybe they will think...."How could you be so cruel to me?" Isn't that what Miracle thought about Skylar? She didn't understand why he would hurt her? But he only hurt save her. He only hurt her because he loved her. Because he was trying to spare her a greater pain.

This is partly why I go and pray. This is why I am not against the signs we carry.
"You are loved."
"Life is a gift."
"Have you seen the ultrasound?"
"Mommy, will it hurt?"
"Life is precious."

I want these dear women to know that shedding innocent blood will only wound them far greater than any wound they receive from my presence. I am NOT against them. I am against the evil. The sin. I am against the lie that they have believed--that it's okay to kill their baby. My heart is heavily burdened for know the live the truth.....and be set free.

They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons, and shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood. --Psalm 106:37, 38 (I read these verses this morning....they're talking about the children of Israel.....yet here were are today....doing the same thing....our land is polluted with blood as well.)


  1. You're right, Fawne. There is such spiritual blindness around the issue of abortion, and yet, i think how will a young mom fel, when she holds her firstborn and realizes how precious her first conceived would have been, too? Melody Green had a tract called "Babies - Things We Throw Away?". And it's so hard knowing that they don't fully even recognize what it is they are throwing away...

  2. Praying today for you as you stand in love for these women and babies.

    ~ Bethany B

  3. Thank you for taking the time to pray and be there. I will have to pray from a bit further away, but I needed the reminder...