Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 30 - What fuels you?

With only 10 more days left in our current vigil, i admit i'm feeling tired.  There *is* a heaviness - and though i'm scared to admit it for fear of driving some of you who might be willing away... it's way.  way.  harder than i thought it would be. 
i'm excited for THE CONFERENCE this weekend - to be encouraged by what God is doing in our city, our province and our country.  He is stirring in hearts - opening eyes - and restoring brokenness because of our prayers... of this i have no doubt. 
If you have a story to share - to encourage, or if you want to attend the vigil here in Calgary - but you're afraid, contact me via the contact tab at the top of the blog. 
i'm looking forward to hearing from you.   - paige


by Alissa

I've always been very pro-life, being raised in a wonderful Christian environment, but after having my daughter Siara, the love of my life, the issue is even closer to my heart. I got pregnant outside of marriage, which was embarrassing and humbling as a Christian, with my boyfriend who my parents hadn't even met yet. Though Siara's Daddy is a good man I was never certain that we were compatible for each other and we did end up splitting up. I can't stand to think about the fact that at one point in my absolutely perfect and beautiful daughter's life, I was allowed to kill her! And not only that but that many people would have not only understood my decision, but would have even thought it was probably for the best, given my situation of uncertainty!  I can't even fathom not loving my daughter throughout her whole life in my womb. She was always my what point was she NOT my Siara?  She was always, right from the start, my child, who loved ME unconditionally.  I had a family member once say to me, "I'll bet if they opened up a pet abortion clinic, suddenly there would be a gigantic outrage from the public!"  I wouldn't doubt it.  Why is it that HUMAN life in the womb is so worthless in our society???  Why is abortion even an option? The doctor who told me I was pregnant asked me, "what are you going to do?" and "have you considered your options, including abortion?..." I wanted to spit in his face.
         Being a part of this 40 Days for Life Vigil has just put the jet engines behind my passion for the issue! It makes me think and pray about it daily. I find I can't get all my pro-life thoughts out of my head; and I think that is because actually being a part of something tangible, DOING something about this passion instead of just having it, gives me fuel! It is just such a great way to get involved because you are an actual physical presence to the ones who need to see and hear our message the most! You can see it on their faces, the ones going in and out of the clinic...we get them to at LEAST think twice before making a decision, which could be the difference between life and death! To be there, just meters away from the crime scene itself, and pouring yourself into prayer leaves you with a heavy heart, yet a hope burning deep within that heavy heart that you are actually making a difference. We will never know how many men and women are touched in someway by us being there, but reading all the other stories from 40 Days for Life across the country provides proof that this really is impacting people's decisions.  Let's spread the word and try to grow 40 Days for Life as huge as we possibly can for the next vigil, and every one beyond that, in hopes that we can all witness that beautiful day when we see those doors close and never open again as an abortion clinic!

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  1. amen - i would love to see the day that it shuts down, Alissa... Praying with you.