Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 19 - Again on a Friday

It was late morning on a Friday when we arrived. We had both been so busy, we forgot to check the vigil schedule - so were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see a man walking up and down the sidewalk. As we approached him, i recognized him from one of our organizational meetings... Harold has been involved in prolife work since "around 1973".  It's interesting the different perspectives that are represented by those of us wearing out that chilly concrete sidewalk opposite that clinic in Kensington. 

i also had the pleasure of meeting Alissa for the first time.  This sweet mama had a friend caring for her little daughter in the adjacent park so that she could come and walk and pray because, as she said, "This is such an important heart-wrenching issue". 

i love her sign, because of an article i read the other day where it was stated that when undecided mama's see or hear their baby's heartbeat, 78% of them choose to give that little one life. 
Of course Caroline showed up at one point too... so for my first time this fall, we found ourselves at our maximum number of 4...
But... even amidst speaking with others, and the distraction of my grumbling tummy and the bitter chill in the air... as i approached that corner where we can best see that steel door... my heart sobered.  We watched those women... and their men often with them.  It would be impossible to forget *why* we're here... what's happening... what we're praying for. 
We cried out brokenly to the King for wisdom in this season when we ache for change.

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