Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 12 - who will go?

The clinic where we vigil has gotten a court injunction that puts restrictions on those who would come to the clinic to pray. We must be no more than 4 in number - that includes tiny babies strapped to their mama's in a sling or a wrap, because after all - a baby is a person too...
We must stand on the other side of the road from the clinic and must not speak unless spoken to.  If more than 4 people arrive, the others must stand back halfway across the  park - and they cannot have signs in the park.  You cannot have more signs than people on the sidewalk... If there is any infraction, the police will be called. 
But we're not in this to angrily protest and break rules and push boundaries. 
i have heard over and over from the ones who have prayerfully taken on the organization of this vigil in our city, that our mission in these 40 days is not to bare our teeth in anger - our mission is to pray.
We fast, we pray, we love, we hurt, we plead with the Father
We obey the rules of the bubble zone - and maintain an attitude of peace...
We're visible when we stand and pray - and in this way, we offer a gentle reminder in a culture that has forgotten the truth..."life is love..."
Oh God - lead us to pray... Bring our leaders to a place of softness - of compassion - of brokenness.  Call us as a city and a nation - to pray. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you - to everyone who has been sharing this link... the word is spreading....


  1. If only they could see the great clouds of witnesses behind you... So many more than four against the cold within and without

  2. yes... i'm always impressed with the knowledge that God isn't bound by any of these restrictions... He crosses that street, enters that grey building - even into the very rooms where abortions happen...