Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 10 - outing to the abortion clinic with a friend

Here is another post from our vigil this spring. 
There have been many times that i have gone to the clinic alone... but the times that i have gone with friends - and prayed together with them on the sidewalk... those times are powerful.... & it seems like a strange thing for friends to do together.  Friends are supposed to go for coffee, shop for shoes, or go for runs at the park... Aren't they? 
What if friends did uncomfortable things together, nudged each other on to a closer relationship with their Father, sharpened like iron sharpens iron? 
What could friendships like that do? 


i broke my little pledge to myself that i would know when my next visit was by the time i arrived home from the current visit.
No matter.
There are no hard and fast rules - just ideas to help myself to stay soft, and follow through on my convictions. & as it turned out - this Monday - i found myself soft and aching already - ready to check the vigil schedule for an empty spot that i could fill.
My friend sent me a message that she could go today - & so she drove to my house, where it was almost like we picked up our littles in a shaker to decide who would come and who would stay.
With her van full of our mixed set - we left the rest at home to nap and play till we were done.
After ten minutes of driving, i realized that i hadn't inhaled yet. My friend's eyes were on the road & she was smiling and 'uh-hun'ing to me... but i had been talking non-stop since we pulled away from my house.
There's a freedom that comes from ceasing to sift words so carefully - knowing they will be sifted for you. What comfort when someone understands your deeper meaning. They don't stumble over badly chosen words or smallish ideas. Good friendships are like that - you learn to sift the wheat from the chaff, and you end up covering much ground as a companionable red van barrels down the deerfoot.
Like-mindedness is such a rarity that it's a delicious treat when it's discovered.
And so we prayed... we ached... we talked... we stood in silence.
For the first time, that parking lot wasn't full - and once again i felt that comforting confirmation that i'm to come... and keep coming - till He tells me to quit.


  1. I love the comment about friendships, those are the only kind of friendships I want. I just wish people would get the revelation that it's NOT about what they do, but about what's inside of them that makes the difference in their walk with the Lord. No one was more righteous in their actions that the Pharisees, yet Jesus referred to them as serpents. If God doesn't give us His heart, then it's all in vain. I'm grateful to have your blogs to read, where His heart is so evident in you.

  2. friendships like that could change the heart at a time.

  3. yeh... we're blessed when those friendships come 'round.