Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 17 - Another Story

i wanted to share my facebook status from a week ago... i haven't been able to get this incident off my mind.

"i heard today about a young man standing in the pouring rain - praying. The organizer of 40 days for life (who lives close by) noticed him out there, and seeing as he had been out there for hours already, he invited him in to his house for a warm supper. The man declined and said, "i can't come for supper, but will you come and pray with me here?"
So Dave said yes.
i love these people...
i'm soaking wet - but convinced more and more as each day passes, that God is calling me to prayer..."

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A Contribution
by Len Skowronski

This morning (9:30 – 11:30 AM, October 12, 2011), I had the privilege of praying and picketing across from the Kensington Clinic along with three marvellous ladies from St. Peter’s Parish. We carried two signs: “Love is Life” and “Mommy, Will it Hurt?”. The signs certainly got the attention of those passing by as well as those coming to and from the clinic. I hope they understood the message.

I am confident that God heard our prayers and that He may have acted immediately to have some prospective clinic clients turn away or that he will act through us and others to continue working to save the unborn.

I decided to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign because I have a mission to bring back Christian values to our society. I have chosen to achieve this mission through political means. I am the Leader of the Alberta Social Credit Party, the only provincial party in Alberta whose principles and policies are based on Christian values. This is the only party that takes a definite pro-life stance. We would require the government to establish an organization that would provide counselling to women with unexpected pregnancies. We would strive to convince each woman to see her pregnancy to term and give her all the support needed to nurture her child or give the baby up for adoption. We would also stop Alberta Health Care funding abortions; instead this money would be used to counsel and support the new mothers and their children.


I am currently looking for good men and women to run as candidates in the next provincial election which we expect next year. We will also need volunteers and financial support to help these candidates win a seat in the Legislature where they can demand the right  of every child to be born. If you would like to join us in our mission, please contact me at or 403-288-9695.

“They will know we are Christians by our love!”

Len Skowronski

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