Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 9 - community

Community is a pretty special thing.
A new focus for our leadership team this campaign has been to see different communities taking a chunk of time and vigilling together. In the past we've had some churches who have faithfully taken on several full days to pray together for an end to abortion (shout out to St. Peter's!!) :) 

This campaign we've made an effort to encourage more congregations (or community groups, bible study's, small groups etc...) to go; vigil and pray together. We believe it will make our communities stronger as we hear from God, and allow ourselves to be changed by Him.

As a result - we've seen more full days taken, more people borrowing courage from their friends and fellow believers, and more hours covered in prayer.

We are encouraged - and believe that this will be our most successful campaign to date.

This past week - i have seen a few mothers praying with their children - one whispering into her daughter's hair, "Should we pray for the babies?"
"Babies..." her tiny girlie echoed back... and i wonder at the beauty of praying together with our families - biological or adopted, from the same faith background, or one slightly different... What impact will this have on our church families to be united in prayer?

And so we'll pray on the sidewalk in groups - and overflow into the park when we pass our limit of 4 on the sidewalk. We'll pray on our feet - stomping out the cold - or on our knees when He bids us come...

We'll share that sidewalk with familar "vigil friends" - or with those who are shy to come but believe so strongly in the power of prayer that they make that unfamilar trek to the Kensington abortion clinic for the very first time to join in.
We'll pray with old friends - and new - and our communities of faith will powerfully change the community at large by our peaceful prayerful presence and outreach.
We'll sharpen one another as we encourage each other to be faithful. 

We'll be changed as we're drawn to Truth.  Our little ones will see our fervent prayers and realize their own value - assigned by God at conception when they were created on purpose in His image...

i can't wait to see what will happen next....

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