Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 24 - i had to laugh

by Liisa

I am thankful that when I went to the vigil on Wednesday that there were three other people there. It is so heartening to get there and see that the sidewalk isn't bare. I am thankful that before I left an elderly lady joined me saying that she had a few friends meeting her soon, that it was her first time at the vigil and seeing what she saw at the clinic (and hearing that I had seen about 5 cars drive in during the hour I was praying there) that although it was her first time there and she had been planning on coming once a week she now felt that she should come more frequently. And finally, I had to laugh when a woman stopped her van in front me and two other prayer volunteers and shook her finger at us as she said, "Shame ... on ... you." Because really, there is no shame in standing peacefully on a sidewalk praying to God for an end to the killing. There is no shame in holding a sign asking, "What do you need?" or "For post abortion counselling visit .... website." I had to laugh because really, shame on her for supporting a mother's right to murder her own child. I am thankful that because of the Holy Spirit, I have the confidence to stand up for what is right when people tell me I should be ashamed for doing so.

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  1. When poor-choice people try to insult you or shame you just say: your personal opinion of me is irrelevant. If you won't be shamed, they'll stop.