Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 25 - this little light of mine

by richard

We arrived at 6:55 and there was no one to replace. The night was not unseasonable cold but the dark abortion clinic seemed to make the world a colder place. Soon night fell; illuminated by a street light and the gas station sign, only the price of gas at $1.16 would have been noticed. We began with the Joyful Mysteries. Cars drove by, buses filled the air with the roar of their engines and the smell of diesel. Cyclists and the odd driver would turn their heads, but we received no sign that the world was changing. Then perhaps a seed. Perhaps a small sign of hope. An otherwise dark house is stirred to life, light comes on, and a man comes out of his front door. What moved him to investigate. Was it the light of the two votive candles of Jesus and Mary? Or was there something different in the air? He was back in his house within a couple of seconds? Was it the sight of two men praying? Was it the contemplative chant of the Rosary? Was it the presence of our guardian angels? Or was it the majesty of the presence of our Lord and King and His Mother the Queen of Angels and Saints? Reassured it seemed, he went back to the safety of his home, turned off the light and the house was like whence before. I then realized that the night wasn't that dark and cold anymore.

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