Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alissa - it's your child

It's not an easy thing to carry a sign. Have i said that before? Again and again? Over and over till you're tired of hearing about my weakness? For some reason, that sidewalk remains a heavy place for some of us.  It remains a place that we go because we want to be obedient - but it takes everything we've got to make it out there to stand on 5th ave. and witness what we witness...
Alissa told me she prayed about it as she created her sign - but now that we're on the sidewalk, she feels tenderly towards the women we see coming from the clinic, and wonders if they'll hear harshness when her broken heart pleads gentle...
Oh, mamas... can you see our pain as we try to reach you? Can you hear our mama heart as it cries out to yours? Can you see the love that we want to wear for you in your moment of vulnerability?
Father, could you just cover us with you - so that they don't see us at all, but instead see You?  
*this beautiful panting was also made by Alissa - such a sweet testimony.


  1. Yes, I constantly pray that those mamas, and even the workers feel peace and love radiating from 'our side' of the street.

  2. Us too, Ali. It's so tough in our situation where we're not allowed to speak... Trusting that our Father can communicate past the barriers we have.

  3. "it's your child"...I like that. It's not only speaking to the men and women going into the clinic but somehow to us all and our responsibility. At least, that's what it made me think of today.