Friday, October 5, 2012

day 10 - grieving daddy

by gwen

On day 1 of 2012 fall 40DFL prayer campaign at the Kensington abortion clinic, a young man approached us and shared his connection with the abortion clinic. His girlfriend had aborted their 14 week son there. They had already bought clothes and had names picked out. He had tried to talk her out of the abortion but her mother and girlfriends kept telling her it was the right thing to do and she was beautiful for doing it. When he found out she was at the abortion clinic, he drove there so fast that he attracted the police who followed him into the clinic. He saw unhappy looking girls sitting there and a white door that separated him from his pregnant girlfriend. He said if one person (pro-life) had talked to her, maybe the baby would still be alive.
He is grieving and feeling guilty because he couldn't talk her out of it because he couldn't defend his son.
We suggested he name his son and contact Rachel's Vineyard. We were reminded that abortion hurts men too.

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  1. Thank you for pointing him to Rachel's Vineyard. He will find peace and relief there.