Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 7 - She Didn't Go In

by Sharole

Today was my second time praying at the vigil and I found myself alone again for a while as I prayed for the people going in and out of the clinic.
The last time I was there I prayed for taxi drivers that took the women to and from the clinic. I prayed that God would work through these taxi drivers.

I wasn't "seeing" any visible results, but I felt God working. Everyone that came, went into the clinic despite my desperate prayers to not go in. This morning I saw a taxi pull into the parking lot, and I prayed like crazy "Don't let her go in God, don't go in!" I heard a door open, but nobody got out. Then a miracle happened, the taxi turned around and drove out, with it's young female passenger still inside. She looked relieved and at peace. This was in harsh contrast to the other women that came out of the clinic, every one weeping, limping and broken.

I can hardly believe that this happened before my eyes. It's one thing to pray for a miracle, but another to see it and believe it. But now I believe we are making a difference!

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  1. tears flowing. praise Jesus. Father, bless this mama who turned the car around. be with her and the precious babe within. tears! Joy!