Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 8 - Growth

My friend Fawne started about Moses on the way to the clinic. How he went from hiding his face when he first saw the burning bush - to being a man who asked God to, "Show me Your glory..."
She mused as she talked, "Something happened between those two events to change his mind about God..."
And it strikes us both that it could be relationship... maturity... growth...
And i want it.
We bow to pray - and as we watch a petite blonde girl walk into the clinic - the woman beside me murmurs, "It just makes you ache, doesn't it?"
And in my ache, i cry out to my Father, "Make my heart like Yours!  Grow me, help me pray the prayers that you would have me pray... meet with me, change me, show me Your glory..."
And i know that He will...


Most people who participate in a 40 Days for Life campaign discuss the spiritual growth they have experienced as a result... What has your experience been?

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