Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day one - spring 2012

We are one of 258 locations worldwide that have made the commitment to praying for the next 40 days for an end to abortion. 
The Kensington abortion clinic on 5th Ave is the place where we go... It's still cold in this Canadian prairie city at this time of year.  The weather is unpredictable - and yet... the call is so urgent.  This year in the southern part of Alberta, 5000 babies will lose their lives.  The vast majority of these killings will take place at the Kensington clinic.  Parents, thinking that they don't want to pay for a mistake they made for the rest of their lives - will take the life of their tiny one, not realizing that this too... will stay with them forever. 
This culture of death is the battle ground that our generation has found ourselves on.  The value of human life is measured by health, by "wantedness", by convenience... and the gift of life can be taken on a whim. 
We need to start caring.  Each and every believer needs to take this conversation to their friends and family.  We need to create opportunities for sharing truth.  We need to speak out, and gently, lovingly - reach a broken world to protect life. 
This 40 day vigil serves as an opportunity to soften hearts (our own and others) through prayer.  It allows us to plead with God for the hearts and minds of our nation to be changed, and it allows us to engage in this battle in the single most powerful way that we can. 
Let's pray. 

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