Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3 - You are loved, Calgary

It's cloudy.  The cold keeps biting through my hoodie and i feel my hips shaking with both cold and discomfort. 
i'll never get used to praying outside our city's abortion clinic. 
i hold up my new sign.  My old one, bedraggled with wear has finally gone missing... and so my children helped me make a new one.  Carefully, i penned the message that remains on my heart as these months pass, and these vigils come and go... It's the message that Jesus brought when he came to tell a lost world that they could be found, the message is: "You are loved."
On the other side, in bold print, i offered the message that my mother in law sent me when i miscarried our son 16 weeks into my pregnancy... it ministered to my broken heart then, and i pray that it's truth will penetrate the hearts of those bent on death, "Each fragile life is a gift". 
My nine year old son and my seven year old daughter stand with me.  Nervously, they ask what we should pray - and my son asks if it would be alright to pray Our Father. 
So we do. 
Soon, their little limbs fidget and they're ready to run to the playground and i smile as they go - and continue to pray and hold the message of love to the city of Calgary.

You are loved... Yes you, little bald man who slows to a near stop, eyes squinted, mouth agape to see the colourful words on my sign.   And you, you are loved, angry woman shaking your head "no" as you drive disgustedly away, slamming your hand in frustration on your steering wheel, and you - poor father... i see you slumped over your steering wheel as you wait parked on the side of the road after she walked in those doors, do you know that you too, are loved?
You are loved, little family in the red van - who wonder why a stranger holds up a sign about love on a seemingly  random sidewalk; oblivious to my calling, and what you are driving past... and you, gramma with the pixie cut who stares straight ahead with rigid jaw, pretending i don't exist... and neither does that grey building on the other side of the road that boasts, "accredited surgical facility..."
Tiny babies that are hidden beneath clothes, beneath skin and bone - tucked in the secret place - growing and unaware of the possibility of outside interference.  You are loved, passenger who cranes your neck to read my message and then rolls down the window to wave it's receipt.  You are loved, bus driver - who shocks me by pulling over and thanking me for my prayerful presence.  She calls it, "Good Work..." this praying... & work it is... & i know in my heart that she's right. 
You are loved, unwanted person, unhealthy person, old person and young.  You are loved beautiful person, mocking person, scornful person, confused person, seemingly unlovable person... each one... loved. 
Each one of us here, now... has been given this one life by the Creator of the Universe.  Each unique life is precious in it's undeniable vulnerability and temporary nature. 
i believe that a culture that truly knew God's love... that truly understood that they were loved... that grasped the very core of the reason *all* human life has value - (for God so loved the world...) would be unable to so casually take it away.
You are loved, Calgary. 


  1. Beautifully communicated Paige. I love this. Seeing the pics makes me miss being there with you so badly.

  2. I Googled 40 Day for Life and it i going on at an abortion clinic near the hospital where my DH works. In Michigan we can tand right along ide these women as they far a the state is concerned we have no laws. I mentioned you in Canada and the email I got back was basically "thanks God we don't have those severe rules" . I am able to show up anytime day or night. Whole church groups are standing there. They even hold a Memorial service every at in the parking lot. I will go and pray . You have helped God lay this on my heart Paige. maybe it was there and your blog gave me the nudge. Bles you Paige.
    I know my birthfather wanted my mother to abort me. My 3 adopted of their birthmoms told me that she needed $50 more to have enough to get the abortion she desired. Her father refused her the $$. Her friend mentioned adoption. he had no clue. She went to the phone book called an agencey that we happened to work with and that is how we found out sweet dear now 6 yr old son.

    Later in talking he mentioned she would "NEVER DO THAT" referring to abortion. It was as if she had erased that she was ever considering AND planning on it. We were with her at every appointment and saw our son be born. This show me that some of these women....if they jut knew another way....I will be bringing a pic of my son and showing anyone and everyone I can.

  3. Grrr my "s" on the computer is not working well...sorry for the typo...

  4. i think that's a powerful testimony to the dangerous permanence of abortion that women will often see abortion as unthinkable after they have their child - even if they contemplated it during their pregnancy.
    i love hearing stories of prolifers having the opportunity to engage with people in crisis at the abortion clinic. Maybe one day it will be more like that here. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I love this post so much I want to print it out to give to anyone that stops and talks to me. May I? I am also linking to it on my blog.

  6. Absolutely - feel free to use it :)

  7. I made a sign that says:Your child is special. It has save several babies.
    I may add the word next time: signed: GOD

    1. i love the signs that gently remind us - that there is another person - a tiny human being to consider... i'm glad to hear that your sign has had that kind of an impact :)