Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 8 - lover not a fighter...

A friend 'joined' me to one of those facebook groups.  Y'know the ones where you automatically get email updates from the group... This one was for buying, selling and promoting *whatever* in South Calgary.  i checked out the rules and it said simply, "there are no rules!" so - thinking that it might be a nice opportunity to share our 40 Days for life facebook page, i wrote: "Just promoting the facebook page for 40 Days for Life - peaceful prayer vigil for an end to abortion :) "
Within minutes, i was kicked out of the group - with 2 responses saying that my post was both inappropriate and hateful. 
i was kind of surprised.  Really, i was.  i thought that both pro-lifers and pro-choicers could agree that an end to abortion would be a good thing... i thought that both camps agreed that abortion is a pretty horrible thing (isn't their big slogan, 'safe, legal and rare'?)... but that one group thinks that it should be 'unthinkable' and the other thinks it should be 'available on demand'...
i thought they were 'pro-choice' - not necessarily 'pro-abortion'... Is it really hateful to want to see an end to abortion? Couldn't we agree that praying for a divine end to abortion could be a good thing for our country? 
Can i be honest? 
i'm not really a fighter.  i hate being the one making a disturbance.  i don't like drawing attention to myself (especially drawing criticisms like 'inappropriate' and 'hateful'...) - i feel a little bit like i might cry :)  i'm tender like that. 
But if it comes right down to it, i'm willing to engage my culture on this issue.  i might cry & my voice might shake... ( & yes... just from getting kicked out of a group i would have gotten out of a couple of weeks ago if i knew what buttons i needed to press - like i said... i'm not very brave)... but i'm going to continue to gently, relentlessly, with whatever amount of grace & opportunity God gives me... offer truth. 
And i'll continue to (lovingly) pray for an end to abortion - whether the current cultural trend deems it appropriate or not.
Hey... ladies in South Calgary... you are loved. 


  1. That just blew my mind! "hateful"? Really????? I think when people don't like what someone ha to ay they sometimes automatically go into defense this case nasty mean defense mode.....I mean really???????I am so sorry Paige. stuff like that happens to me all the time. Like you weren't even supposed to be there...but I bet a few people aw it and will check out the site!!!!


  2. Wow! Is hateful even a term to be used at the same time as "prayer". It seems that the world defines as anything that makes me feel guilty or bad is deemed hateful. And yet, throwing you out of a group is not hateful? Keep up the good and loving work Paige. YOU ARE LOVED!!

  3. Jesus said if they hate you, they hated Him first. You are in good company, Paige.