Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2 - why do we vigil?

It made me uncomfortable, the first time i went to vigil outside our city's large abortion clinic.
i knew that there were around 5000 little ones that lost their lives there every year... i knew that young children were ushered through those doors and coached without their parent's consent or knowledge through a procedure that would end the child's life growing within the child. i knew that women travelled from out of province to visit this clinic that specializes in death...
But it made me uncomfortable to stand there and vigil.
Throughout the years that i have been involved in prolife, though, some of my thoughts on the presence of those who vigil outside the clinics and hospitals that offer abortions have begun to have more clarity, and i want to share some of those thoughts with you today.

We vigil at the abortion clinic because that's where abortions happen. We could have a prayer meeting at our local churches - and yes... our Heavenly Father would hear those prayers too... but when you've gone to the clinic, and made eye contact with those parents going through those doors, your prayers change in quality, your compassion is roused and your heart cannot help but be broken. Abortions aren't happening at our local churches... in Calgary, they're happening on 5th Ave... and they're happening a lot.

We vigil at the abortion clinic because we want to be a sign of hope for those little ones. Is there hope at an abortion clinic? Yes. There is. God has not turned his back, or forsaken those tiny ones... and neither have the prolifers who are there, who even in those last moments are offering the mamas a chance to change their minds and let their little ones continue to live in peace. At the time of this writing, 40 Days for Life has heard stories of almost 7000 children being saved from abortion worldwide during our campaigns. Our presence at the clinic, and our voice of hope is saving lives.

We vigil at the abortion clinic because we want to be a sign of mercy for those mothers and fathers who have scheduled an appointment with death at that clinic. And we are also there to extend mercy to the abortion workers who make their living taking the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. After an abortion has taken place, we need mercy more than ever... The bible tells us in Micah that God requires us to love mercy... and love her we do. Because of our presence and our cry for mercy during 40 Days for Life, abortion workers have left their jobs and refused to take part in abortion any longer, women have found healing from their past abortions - and the sign of mercy that our presence brings, allows our communities to draw closer to the Father who loves us all.

We need prolifers. We need them to be praying, fasting, reaching out in our communities and churches - gently speaking the truth in love.
And we need people who are full of love who are willing to stand on a cold sidewalk outside the building where abortions are happening to be a sign of hope and mercy to a culture that desperately needs us.


  1. No you stand outside clinics because you're all a bunch of control freaks. Don't like abortion? Don't have one.

    Can you not fathom the thought that people can make their own choices? You're all scum.

  2. Is someone who opposes human trafficking a control freak too?
    And, you could apply the logic of 'don't like abortion, don't have one' - to any number of scenarios: Don't like rape? Don't rape, don't like domestic violence? Don't beat your spouse... injustices don't work like that - we can't only abstain from injustice, we must also actively oppose it.
    i *can* fathom the thought that people can absolutely make their own choices about many, many things - but not the taking of another's vulnerable, valuable life.
    i'm so sorry that you see us as scum. We're all broken & yeah - prolifers are going to make mistakes, and misrepresent the truth and justice we long to uphold. Constantly trying to do better :)

  3. Thank you for having the courage of defending human life! Thank you :)