Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 14 - Graphic Images

by Fawne

Our 40 Days For Life team here in Calgary has decided that we will not use graphic images for our peaceful vigils. It's not that most of the team are completely against it but it's just something that God has laid on their hearts NOT to do. I think it's neat how God does that.

I'm not against using graphic images either. I know that some people believe it's degrading to show those horrific pictures of little limbs torn asunder. And others believe it does more damage than help to the mamas walking through the doors of these clinics. I can understand that too. Although I believe that killing your child does a much greater damage to ones heart than mere pictures ever can. In other words, once you walk through those doors the damage is already done. And just like all our "damaged sin places" the only thing that will ever bring true healing is receiving the love and forgiveness of the Savior--Jesus Christ.

The thing is (ever since August 24, 2012) when I hear people talk about graphic images it makes me think of the 15 week old baby that I saw.

He was my son.

I gave birth to him early in the morning. My mind was not prepared for how wonderfully human he already was at fifteen weeks. And now, when I go and pray at the abortion clinic I don't want to hold up a sign picturing the ripped off legs and arms of aborted babies. I want to show those mamas what their baby looks like RIGHT NOW. Before they walk inside.

I wish I could have preserved my son so I could show them exactly what it is that they are killing.

Real human life.

I would point out his tiny toes . . . a perfect five on each foot. I would let them marvel, as I did, over the size of a hand that is the exact size of my baby fingernail. I would let them examine his spidery little legs and arms and show them the way you can already see perfect ears, nose and lips.


No! I don't want to hold up graphic images of bloody broken babies. I want the mamas and papas who walk through the doors of Calgary's Kensington Clinic, to see what God sees.



"Created in His image" glory.

I want them to see the truth. Oh, that they might see and know the truth!

Because it's the truth that sets one free.

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  1. Love this post and I am linking to it! I think the most hurtful thing a post-abortive parent can see is a torn up baby. Trust me, they have already beat themselves up enough about what they did - there's no reason to rub salt into that wound. If we want to have post-abortive parents come to us for comfort then we can't be showing them bloody photos. These photos have a time and a place and that's in an educational context - it's not when we are loving and praying for the mommas.
    Linda in Terrace