Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Statement of Peace

I pledge to conduct myself in a peaceful manner, responding with humility and love.

I pledge to conduct myself in a prayerful, positive manner with a compassionate attitude.

I pledge that I am familiar with the vigil location and key guidelines imposed by the Court Injunction. I will conduct myself in a lawful and considerate manner at all times while participating int he 40 Days for Life Campaign.

- Only 4 persons (any ages) on the sidewalk across 5th Ave from clinic by the park.
- No further West than the edge of the park.
- If more than 4 persons, overflow can be in park, between the playground and the
soccer field, but no signs or placards in this area.
- Do stand or walk on the other side [North] of the fence from the sidewalk in the park.
- Do not talk to anyone unless approached first. Do not talk to school-aged children at all.

I pledge to orient any personal guest to the vigil site, and gently remind other participants who may not know the vigil location and the 4 person limit on 5th Avenue.

I pledge to keep my commitment to the hours I have signed up for, or find someone who can, or call 403-467-6961.

Thank you, and God Bless.

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