Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Perfect Sign

There likely isn't one... i know...
But this is a question that i ask myself again and again as i prepare my mind and heart for the 40 Day prayer vigil that is set to begin in 2 months. 
There is often division among prolifers over methods, wording, attitudes etc...
We've even had disagreements about signs on this tiny blog. 
We need more discussion - more understanding for each other - more sharing of wisdom & opinions... more soul searching. 
Why does it matter? 
It matters because the signs that we wear at the Kensington Clinic are likely the last prolife messages that these women will see before making a final decision about the wee life they are carrying.  It matters because we are a last line of defence.  It matters because God loves these families... and so too must we.  It matters because "they will know we are Christians by our love".  It matters because we want the signs to be compelling - because this is life and death we're talking about. 
Let's just face it... If we're going to choose to wear a sign to an abortion clinic... the message on that sign matters. 
This doesn't mean we'll all wear the same sign.  We will all fill in different gaps, we'll appeal to different hurting individuals, we'll be authentic - and because we're authentic, we'll be diverse. 
My faithful little sign that i've worn for the past year has a simple message, "You are loved." The reverse states, "Life is a Gift". 
Other signs read, "Look at the Ultrasound", "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart", or simply, "40 Days for Life". 
We're facing a difficult situation here at the Kensington clinic.  We're not allowed to cross that road.  We're not allowed to speak - unless spoken to.  We're limited in our access and in our numbers... What words would reach into that desperate situation... What words could cut through the pain, fear and numbness - to the heart of a mother or father... What words would have the deepest impact... while leaving the smallest wound? 
i'm thinking of words today like, "Can i help?", "Ask me why i'm here"...
But even these... and the blinking cursor that i stared at for minutes as my wracked my brain for that perfect combination of words that would stop a course of action... seem so insufficient. 
The truth is... they are. 
& so we bathe them in tears and prayer.  We allow our hearts to break with compassion and we bring our requests brokenly to our Maker. 
Oh, God... prepare my heart... & give me the words. 

What would the perfect sign say?  Why? If you had the chance to speak... what would you say? 


  1. k, here's a couple that came anonymously! It's so hard, isn't it... coming up with the right thing to say??!!
    "last chance to choose life"
    "it's not too late to change your mind"
    "i will adopt your baby"
    "you are strong enough to choose life"

    Love these... Any more??

  2. I think I would choose "Look at the ultrasound".

    I like what you wrote..."This doesn't mean we'll all wear the same sign. We will all fill in different gaps, we'll appeal to different hurting individuals, we'll be authentic - and because we're authentic, we'll be diverse."

    (P, I want to hear what that couple you had over for dessert thinks is a good sign!)

  3. Some ideas from my friends...

    “It is a poverty that a “child must die”, So that you may live as you wish… – Mother Teresa

    If the grandfather of the grandfather of Jesus had known what was hidden within him, he would have stood humble and awe-struck before his soul.
    - Khalil Gibran

    “A person's a person, no matter how small.” - Dr. Seuss

    Ecclesiastes 11:5

    Psalm 139 (different lines could be used)

    I don't know which one I would actually use. I have a soft spot for Kahlil Gibran's poetry (it speaks to me) but that quote might be too long. I like how it makes you think beyond yourself.

    Hmmm...I shall keep thinking. Maybe I shall come up with something!

  4. "Ask me about Abby Johnson"


  5. :-) I just read about Abby Johnson. What an incredible perspective she has, who could not help but listen to her?

  6. I have adopted 3 children at birth in the USA...that was the first thing I thought

    " I have adopted a baby like yours...I will again"
    I LOVE
    "Can I please help you"

    "No judgement, just LIFE"

    "I can help you"

    "save a life today"

    "I CARE"

    " Let me help you"

    " Do you want to get lunch and talk?"

    "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?"

    "Can I HUG you?"

    " Do you need to talk?"

    I think anything non threatening like I want to help or you are loved would have a bigger impact on myself." Look at the ultrasound" would probably make me roll my eyes in that situation. Having known many birthmoms (having adopted and several fall through) I know many situations they are in. Seeing you there is just an irritation to them and they feel "these people don't get it" That is why I think offering something concrete like a meal or coffee, a hug, would at least get them away from the clinic to clear their head. These women do not chose this lightly. A couple people with a sign are not going to detour them easily. also a smile....I have never been to one but I imagine the "sign wearers" have a certain look on their face..these women need to feel loved and encouraged