Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eyes Wide Open

Do you vigil with your eyes open or shut? Do you listen to music - or keep your ears open? i've done all of these - here is one vigiller's thoughts on seeing results.


When you take your place on the pavement do you pray with your eyes open or watch the comings and goings of the clinic? I used to like to keep my eyes shut because I didn’t want to look at the people driving by wondering what I was doing.  I also like to stand as close to the clinic as possible so that they can see me. Our signs we hold may be the sign that she is looking for.

When I do open my eyes occasionally I have been blessed by seeing hearts change. This morning I saw a young couple drive into the parking lot and linger for a while in the driveway. They weren’t waiting to exit, they were hesitating and finally they pulled put of that parking lot and drove away. I hope it was forever.

We don’t always get see the results of our prayers but once and awhile God gives us a little glimpse. We also have to understand that God works in wonderful ways. There could be a woman in crisis at home that just changed her mind because of our prayers.


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