Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 17 - stepping out

by Carly

Today was a positive experience at the vigil. The sun was shining and warm and we more than 4 people, what a happy problem to solve! So we stood on Crowchild at my friends suggestion, I was nervous, but it was fine of course. A lady came over to thank us for our courage and shared her story of abotion at 16 and how it took decades and much healing from God to forgive herself and accept His forgiveness. It's encouragement and stories like this that strengthens my resolve to do what I can and not give up hope.


Do you have a story to share from our vigil this year? It has been so good hearing good reports from so many of you... The weather has been fairly mild & the company of other prolifers on that street corner on 5th ave. is so warm and full of love. Consider joining us as our vigil nears it's half way mark!


Father, thank you for blessing our Calgary vigil and for being faithful to meet with us - who are Yours - as we gather on that sidewalk and pray to see an end to abortion in our community.

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