Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Prolife?

By Linda

Several years ago, leading up to the 2008 federal election, I had a brief email correspondence going on with a woman who is running for office. She claimed to be ProLife but then said there are times when it's OK to abort. I thought she meant because of rape or incest but she said no (and just for the record I do NOT think it is OK to abort because of rape or incest.) She said it would be permissible to abort babies who suffer from severe handicaps that will likely result in their death. Hmmm...last time I checked abortion results in death.
So I wanted to educate her gently but I wanted to speak the Truth. I emailed a couple friends who prayed for me. Well, their prayers enabled me to find a passage in Randy Alcorn's excellent book, "ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments," that basically states that aborting a handicapped child is not done for his good but to for the perception of our own. We aren't preventing cruelty to the child, we are trying to prevent difficulty for ourselves.
I emailed this fact to the politician and invited her to have coffee with me. Well, you know what happened, don't you? That's right - nothing. No response. No defense. I guess she doesn't want my vote that badly. At the same time - I KNOW I touched a nerve with her and she isn't going to forget our exchange. I pray that someday (hopefully soon) she'll say "I am TRULY 100% ProLife."

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